If you purchase the open cover insurance for loss or damage to your effects, the insurance conditions set out below will apply. Please note that irrespective of whether you do or do not purchase this insurance, our liability for loss or damage to your effects limited by our trading conditions, which forms part of our contract with you.Subject to a premium for insurance for the storage of your possessions, we will arrange insurance on your behalf with certain underwriters at Lloyds of London to cover your property as summarised below. The full policy may be inspected at our office upon request.


Fire, Lightning, Aircraft, Explosion, Riot, Malicious Damage, Storm, Flood, Burst Pipes, Impact, Theft (following forcible and/or violent entry or exit).

Sum Insured

As declared to us on the contract, when goods are placed in storage you are required to specify in writing, the actual value of your goods placed in our care.

Basis of Claims Statement

The settlement of any claim shall be by replacement, repair and/or compensation at Insurer’s option. In the event of the total loss or destruction of any item insured under this Insurance, the basis of settlement shall be the cost of replacing the item as new provided that the item is substantially the same as but not better than the original when new.

Under Insurance

If you fail to declare the full market value of your property on the acceptable form, you will only be entitled to recover from insurers the same proportion of loss as the declared value bears to the actual value of your property in the event of a claim.

Pairs and Sets Clause

Where and insured item consists of items in a pair or set this insurance will not pay more than the value of any particular part or parts which may be lost or damaged, without reference to the pair or set.


If the insured shall make a claim knowingly the same to be false or fraudulent as regard to the amount or otherwise, this insurance shall become void and all claims hereunder shall be forfeited.

Time Limits for Claim Notification

All claims must be notified to the storage company at the time of discovery or the time of removal of your property, whichever is sooner.


Inline with the policy conditions, there is a policy excess of £50.00 in the event of losses or damages arising from an insured peril.


Access to the user of the site is permitted for Blackpool Self Store Clients, ONLY if the following rules are adhered to:

  • 5 MPH speed limits at all times.
  • Visitors to the site must not roam in the yard.
  • Beware of vehicles and plant equipment.
  • Dogs must be kept in the vehicle and are NOT permitted in the yard.
  • Children must be supervised and not permitted in the rear yard.
  • NO smoking either in the yard or in the warehouse.
  • NO dumping rubbish, either on the floor or in other tenants' skips.
  • Tampering or playing in other areas may result in prosecution.


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