Move Your Stuff


If you would like some help to transport your goods to our storage facility then please try one of these local companies.

Above All Removals

07946 077 203

07974 249 552
01253 728 023

07784 446 641
01253 727 613

07846 480 578



  • Items you may need easy access to should be stored near the door of your unit.
  • Maximize your space by stacking similar sized items on top of each other.
  • Place heavy or bulky items in storage first to provide a good stacking base and ensure you stack your boxes right up to the ceiling.
  • Aim to stack similar size boxes together as this will maximise your space.
  • Stack any chairs seat to seat if possible.
  • Save floor space by storing soft furnished sofas on their ends.
  • Use any extra space you can. Why not fill wardrobes or drawer units with books, CDs or light boxes.
  • Don’t place heavy items on sofas or mattresses.
  • Always place a protective cover over soft furnishings. These are available to purchase from ourselves.
  • If space allows, leave a walkway so you can access everything.
  • Keep track of what you have sorted using an inventory and try to mark down whereabouts you have stored the box within your unit.


  • Boxes should be filled to capacity to avoid them tipping over or collapsing.
  • To make your boxes easier to lift, choose smaller boxes for heavy items like books and plates, and larger boxes for lighter items such as bedding and curtains.
  • Make your things easier to find by labelling or numbering your boxes with a waterproof marker.
  • Don’t forget to write ‘THIS WAY UP’ and ‘FRAGILE’ on boxes containing breakables.
  • Wrap crockery, glass and fragile items individually with bubble wrap.
  • Protect fragile goods with bubble wrap. Wrap the delicate items with the bubbles facing inwards for added protection.
  • If you are storing clothing for a long time, our wardrobe boxes allow you to hang your clothes in storage, keeping their shape and allowing them to breath.
  • Consider using a vacuum storage systems that actually sucks the air out of specially designed bags – this helps you fit more clothes into your space.
  • Can anything be broken down into smaller parts? For example, bed frames can usually be disassembled, making them easier to store.
  • Ensure refrigerators are fully defrosted and cleaned before storing and always store with the door open slightly.
  • Empty and drain all kitchen appliances before storing.
  • Make sure all garden equipment and outdoor items are clean and drain petrol or diesel from machinery before storing.
  • Remember to wrap table legs with bubble wrap and protect varnished furniture against scratches by using a layer of corrugated card or bubble wrap.
  • Protect pictures and mirrors with either bubble wrap or special Mirror/Picture packs, which are available from our store. Clearly mark them ‘FRAGILE’. Large ones should be stacked on their end.


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